Blue Green Glow Pearl Mica Pigment

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Blue Green Glow Pearl Mica Pigment

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Product Information

Blue Green Glow Pearl Mica Pigment.   A very fine pearl that will add a Blue Green Glow when in the dark after being energized with light.

Please note.  This is a VERY heavy pigment.  Containers will not be as full for the same weight as normal pearl.

We will offer our pearl in Bottles or Jars.  We feel that a plastic jar is safer to ship in, easier to use, dispense and store than a cheap plastic bag.  We will offer a 5 gram sample size, a 20 gram "shaker jar" and a 35 gram Clear Plastic Jar.  Your shipment will be shipped in a sturdy box to give a high degree of certainty that your purchase will survive shipment to you.

Warning:  The user is responsible for using any personal safety equipment required and providing ventilation as the product which the pearl is mixed with requires.  A dust mask is recommended while handling powder pearl.  The end user is responsible to determine if this product is the desired color and the best product for the project at hand.

Common Terms
Satin: Generally a fine pearl <15UM
Flash: Generally a bit coarser pearl 10-100UM
Glitter: Generally a fairly coarse pearl 20-150UM
Sparkle: Generally a coarse pearl 50-500UM
1.0UM is equal to .001 MM.

How much Pearl?  This depends on your desired effect.  Generally you will not want to add more than 25-100 grams to a gallon of clear coat or Intercoat clear (clear basecoat which is my preferred method of application) when using with automotive clear.  If adding to color, more pearl may be needed if a highly concentrated pigment is used in the color or a very high pearl effect is desired.  For Candies, I use sparingly in the candy to tweak the color or change the side tone and this also can camouflage minor paint defects.  For DIP products, 25 Grams to a Gallon seems to be recommended by our users. Spraying color samples with different amounts of pearl is advised before spraying your actual project!

Automotive Pearl paint color pallets are created by combining pigments, dyes and pearlescent pigments to achieve a wide variety of colors.   We can provide you with an endless array of color combinations. Pearl paint colors will give a "cleaner" look over metallics and add color to your paint, but do require more light to give their true "POP".

Information on the different types of Pearl.

Silvery White Series:  The most common series of pearl.  Mica flakes with Rutile Titanium Dioxide.  These Pearls appear glossy and are a sparkling silver in color with different shades available. Rated for 1100F

Interference or Iridescent Series:  These pearls have a thicker layer of Titanium Dioxide which causes light to interfere selectively.  Viewing from certain angles, some colors are strengthened and the complementary colors are dimmed or may even disappear.  This will result in a dual color effect.  Rated for 1100F

Gold Series:  Ferric Oxide and Mica Flakes coated with Titanium Dioxide.  This gives a transparent glossy luster which bears a third dimension effect.  These can be easily intermixed to vary the color.  Rated for 1100F

Metal Series:  Made from mica flakes coated by ferric oxide, these pearls have a warm metallic luster, with strong hiding properties and chemical physical stability. Due to the metallic effects, they are also treated as metallic pigments. Different colors can be produced by controlling the thickness of the iron oxide coat.  Rated for 1100F

Multicolor Series:  This pearl is produced by depositing light absorbing material to form the pigment.  Silver light can be seen from the reflection angle while the absorbing colors can be viewed from the side/dispersion angle giving a color changing look.  Rated for 400F

Synthetic Series:  This pearl starts with a synthetic mica which is then coated with a layer of metallic oxide.  This has advantages over natural mica with higher purity, less black spotting, improved UV protection, improved and cleaner luster with greater chroma.  This is more stable when exposed to higher temperatures such as powder coating.  Rated for 1800F

General Uses:

Custom Painting of Automobiles, Motorcycles, Bicycles, Guitars, Drums, Boats, Computers, Game Consoles, Radio Controlled vehicles, Toys, Clothing, Leather, Shoes, Jewlery, Tumbler art, Resin Casting, Pen Turning, Fingernail art and much much more.

This is a great product for use in resin for pen turning, resin casting, Tumbler epoxy.

Types of custom painting that can benefit from Pearl, Ghost Flames, Candy Paint Jobs, Air Brushing, and just plain COOL COLORS and PAINT!

Plasti Dip/Halo/Xytek liquid wraps

Acrylic Painting

Faux Finishing on Furniture

Construction and Home use.  Adding effect to wall painting, granite, decorative Concrete and Floor Sealer.

Manufacturing uses include, Plastic coloring of molded plastic, fishing lures, plastic urethane casting, ceramic glazes, Pottery, candles and more.

Custom Powder Coat colors added to clear over base colors.  (We recommend the Synthetic Series for powder coating but all are compatible as long as bake temperatures do not exceed the recommended temp of the product)

 We have used this product with all major brands of automotive paint, including Axalta, BASF, RM, Diamont, PPG, Valspar, Sikkens, DuPont, Nason, Limco, Omni, Sherwin Williams, SEM and more.

Product CodeBlue Green Glow Pearl
ManufacturerVintage Paint

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