Tumbler Basecoat Introduction

Ok, Due to the interest, let's talk about one of the Paints that I offer.

While we have mostly talked aerosol since Alicia Carlson posted the video of the cups that she did using the aerosols, this is not limited to aerosol. We will talk mostly about using pearl in this post but this is far from everything that I have available for paint.

First off, the aerosol is automotive basecoat. The same paint used on a car. But the basecoat is not limited to aerosol application. This is where it gets fun to me. As I can provide you clear basecoat so that you can add pearl as you want for your application and use in small mixes. Of course an airbrush or a paint gun will be needed if spraying. Mixing your own will be WAY cheaper than the aerosols. But I have to say, I even use the aerosols due to convenience.

Many will probably not like the price of the aerosols, but the blank aerosol costs money, there is the paint that we put into the aerosol. And lastly there is the shipping cost. Unfortunately, the aerosol weighs a pound without packaging, so shipping weight is about 1.5 pounds. And any paint will ship ground due to federal regulations and will not be fast delivery.

But, time is money. If you can move to the next step in minutes, versus hours or days. I see that as being a huge benefit.

Depending on temperature and amount of coats, you can tape on it within 30 minutes. You can epoxy or put clear coat on it within 20 minutes. Experience will tell you if it is ready to move to the next step. Air movement or ventilation will help immensely. The Yamaha cup that I have pictured I finished in about 1 hour, and it was delivered to the Christmas party the next day. Granted, simple cup, but it shows the speed potential. This was cleared in automotive clear, not epoxy.

Now for what is really cool. All pearl pigment, or metal flake/glitter can be added to the clear basecoat if using with a gun. There are limitations that we will discuss later. The gun has to be applicable for the size of pearl/flake.

So, in a nutshell. You can purchase the aerosol, currently in my ebay store under the pearl/aerosol category. This is limited to smaller sized pearls. More colors will be available in the aerosol as I test and spray the speedshapes. The "Super" line of pearl is too large for the aerosol as they are the size of fairly large metal flake. The aerosol valve will not allow large particulate through so the size is limited. OR, you can purchase the basecoat in clear form from me in a pint or quart and mix as you need in quantity that you need for that job. This will be ready to spray with your pearl added. This is only limited to the size nozzle in your equipment to spray. I will add this clear basecoat to the website today. This will also have to ship ground and will probably be a separate package if you order pearl or flake at the same time.

I am accelerating this discussion faster than I had planned, but I keep getting questions about it. I wanted to do some additional R & D, but we will start with this phase for now. We have not researched product compatibility with some of the other products that you currently use. The solvents in this product may not be compatible with your products unless covered with a 2k product or epoxy first. So, use with other products at your own risk.

First off, my basecoat can be applied directly to the powder coated Ozarks. Be careful to spray nice light coats as we have previously discussed the powder sucks on the Ozark. In my testing, I used about 8-10 grams of sprayable product per coat. I did 3 coats on 9 cups with one aerosol.

Second, the basecoat can be applied to a properly primed stainless cup. What is my definition of properly primed? The cup should be sanded with approximately 240 grit and a automotive self etch applied. I have tested and approve of a UPOL product called Acid 8. It is available in an aerosol or a quart. It is available in light gray or black. Caution, if using a different product, please test and read the TDS on the product. Many self etch products do recommend a "sealer" before topcoating. I will say that if allowed to dry and lightly scuffed you should not have a problem skipping the sealer step. But please verify with your product. I will have a more in depth discussion on this soon.

Third, over non automotive products or 1k products. As stated, this is at your risk. We will have further discussion as I am able to test products.

What is 2k versus 1k. 1k is use as it is. No hardener, activator etc. 2k requires two components, one being an activator. Your epoxy is a 2k. My Automotive clear coat is a 2k. Most products out of an aerosol would be a 1k. We need to be careful that the quality of the 1k product is great enough that the solvents used in my product do not lift or wrinkle the 1k product. That will be a unhappy face......

Alicia did use this over krylon 2x primer with no issues. I have not been able to find it locally so I have not tested it yet. I will be ordering some online.

Now as for color availability past the pearl. I have a complete paint mixing bank. I can mix most car colors, pantone colors (used for school colors, architectural design etc), Snowmobile, some motorcycle, and much more.

I hope I answered more questions than I created! I also hope that you can see that this might open up some new windows in speed for the cup creation process.


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