Clear Basecoat Intercoat Clear For Custom Painting

Clear Basecoat Intercoat Clear For Custom Painting

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This is a clear basecoat used for custom painting.  This is ready to add pearl or metal flake/glitter/candy too.  Additional urethane grade reducer can be added if necessary.

Amount of pearl or metal flake will be determined by the user.  9 grams of pearl to a 4 ounce mix would be a very strong mix so I would not exceed that. 

The end user will also need to verify that their gun tip size is applicable to the size pearl or metal flake that you are using.

 0.015 can be sprayed out of most 1.7 tip spray guns, 0.025 a 2.0, and for 0.035 you will need to use a dry flake gun, cheese shaker (if a smaller project), or a large tipped gun such as a 2.5 to a 3.0 if available.  

For pearl, 1.0UM is equal to .04 thousandths.  So a pearl that is 100UM would be .004.  500UM from our Sparkle and Super series would be .020.  I have used a 1.7 successfully with the Sparkle and Super.

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Product CodeClear Basecoat
ManufacturerVintage Paint

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