Blueberry 0.015 Metal Flake

Blueberry 0.015 Metal Flake
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Product Information

Very brilliant flake, good for painting, gelcoating, or craft use.  

Can be used for Marine use, Snowmobile, Hot rod Automobile, Guitars etc.

Our Flake is made in the USA from quality product designed for use in Paint and gelcoat products with excellent UV protection. Nothing but the best!

Custom color, Blue, Red with a hint of silver.

Please note, our flake is square, not hex.  Square gives you more flake in a given area because we do not cut the corners off, hence square give you more flake which gives more "pop".  We specialize in large old school vintage boat and snowmobile type of flake.  We cater to the customer that wants "BLING". 

Note on flake sizing.  .015 is four times the size of .008.  .035 is over four times the size of .015.  0.015 can be sprayed out of most 1.7 tip spray guns, 0.025 a 2.0, and for 0.035 you will need to use a dry flake gun, cheese shaker (if a smaller project), or a large tipped gun such as a 2.5 to a 3.0 if available.

We can do custom amounts of flake also.  You tell me what you need, we can make it happen.   The price would have to be the same as the 4 oz due to shipping, ebay, and paypal fees.

Very brilliant flake, good for painting, gelcoating, or craft use.   Can be used in solvent based products such as enamel, lacquer, clear coat.  I have used with PPG, Dupont (Axalta), BASF, Spies, Sikkens, House of Kolor, Valspar and more.

Can be used for Marine use, vintage fiberglass boats, Snowmobile, Hot rod Automobile, Guitars, Custom Painting, crafts, hobbies, and even fingernails and shoes. etc.

2, 4 and 6 ounce will be in a bottle, 1 pound will be in a bag unless shipped internationally.  International orders may be in bags for 2,4 and 6 ounce also. 

I get emails asking "how much" will my XXXX project take.  That is difficult for me to tell.  The look that you want will vary how much flake is needed.  How you apply will effect how much is needed.  And of course the size of the job will effect how much is needed.  If in doubt, I recommend purchasing extra.  The pound bag is the best value.

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