How to Metal Flake with Automotive Clear

Metal Flaking a Hood using automotive clear.


I took on a job for a great collector to do this hood. 

So here we will start with a hood ready for paint, sanded polyester spray filler at 400 grit.



The above pictures are with the hood ready to apply sealer.  It is mounted on 4 stands to allow for painting underneath, but yet hold it securely. 

A bit more height would have actually been better and allowed spraying underneath easier. 

I mask all openings to keep overspray from inside the hood, but more importantly to keep any dirt from getting in the paint.  Masking was replaced at each major step. 

This is sanded with 400 grit on a 3 inch DA where able, hand sanded in the nooks and crannies and then a "grey scuff pad" over the entire hood.



Sorry, I didn't get a picture of it in sealer.  First I sprayed a black urethane sealer, then 2 coats of black basecoat with hardener to help lock things up better.  This was done with a 1.4 tip. 

Now for the fun!  This hood was a bit unique in that the metal flake was not done to coverage.  Just a medium coat.  This must be applied evenly without any over application which was a trick in the scoop and the headlight areas. 

This flake is the Cinnamon/Red Gold 0.025 flake so I used a 2.5 tipped spray gun. 

I put the metalflake in a product from RM called BC00 which is a water clear basecoat.  You could also do it in clearcoat. 

I put about an ounce of flake in a qt of basecoat.  You must keep the gun agitated while spraying by shaking and tipping the gun occassionally.  To much flake and it can clog in the gun body. 

I used very light fast coats for this job.  I first did the hard to get areas such as the scoops and headlight area and then a coat over the entire hood.  Allowed proper flash time and then repeated. 

After that had flashed, I went and "filled in " any areas that needed a bit more metal flake to make it even.

Now lets make it shine!




While the basecoat was flashing off I blew off any loose metal flake, I also blew some "standing" pieces of flake into the basecoat while still wet. 

I then applied two medium heavy coats of clear using a 1.3 tip applying a liberal amount of clear on all edges. 

This coat of clear will have some texture as the metal flake causes that.  After this is dried enough to sand, we will sand it flat with 800 grit.  Be careful, any metal flake that is sanded will become silver.



The above pictures are cleared after sanding the first clear with 800 grit.  We didn't sand or polish any of the second coat of clear.  This is two medium coats using a nice high solid clear coat.

About 3 ounces of metal flake were used for this job but this is a pretty small hood and not completely covered with flake.  Enjoy!



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